Posted by: runsinthefamily | September 26, 2011

back again…

Creative title, huh?  It has been a while since I posted!  I had hoped to do a nice long buildup of mileage over the summer, but unfortunately circumstances got in the way.  I have been running, but not nearly as much as I originally planned.

However the cross country season is in full swing!  After starting out hot hot hot, we are in a stretch of rainy weather, which means mud!  Lots of mud.  This is a pic from one of my son’s meets:

And it has only gotten worse since that race.  Poor youngest DD ran in mud this past weekend also, and we are in for more rain today.  Lots of rain means slow times.  And rainy practices.  Our girls team has had rain for almost every Monday practice – Monday is our hard day, and we have run on the track rather than our grassy (and slippery) practice field more often than not.

Practicing with the team has been awesome  – even though my mileage isn’t up, and I’m certainly no where near the front of the pack, it is fun to run fast again.  5k training is where it is at for this fall!  Now I need to find a race…

I’m leaving you with a couple of links that have been inspiring me the last few weeks.  I need all the inspiration I can get right now.  The first is Anthony Famiglietti’s blog – he has been going through a rough time of his own, and I love his last paragraph of this blog entry:

“Many of you will never know the extent to my struggle this year.  I may never know yours either, but know this, we will all face seemingly endless storms in our life.  Everything we have worked for and all we use to define ourselves may get swept away with incredible swiftness.  Life may start to drown you.  Your head may barely pop above the wake to keep going.  You might get left bare and fully drained, but that is the time to fight the hardest.  For when the storm finally clears, you be left with all that matters and all that counts.  That is when you’ll feel most alive and that is when you will achieve the highest victory.

Man it feels good to run fast again.”

– from

Here is another blog – from Kristin Armstrong, who writes her blog on

I am thinking of starting off my day with a short morning run… I just need to get to bed earlier at night!

And finally, and hopefully some of my xc girls will see this – this tumblr blog has a mix of old Nike running ads and new inspirational photos:

Enjoy!  I promise to be back soon!



  1. I’m so happy to hear that you seem to be getting back into the running groove a bit more now! I’ve had a slow road back from my sfx over a year ago, but I need to be cautious while I get some structural issues fixed with some PT over the past few months. It’s going well for me, too. Mileage is low and will likely remain there, but I’m up to a 10 mile LR now and feeling really good. I am also in the 5k racing mode at the moment! I have done quite a few lately and even though they’ve been my slowest ever, I have been really having a great time doing them. I love hearing about the CC stuff. Sorry you guys have been getting so much rain. Yucky CC conditions. We’ve been unusually lucky this fall and have been very dry and sunny. I know the other shoe will drop eventually, but we are loving it at the moment. Thanks for the links, too. I’m going to check them out closely. Will show my 8th grade daughter the inspirational ones before her next CC meet on Saturday. She’s won both of the citywide middle school girls meets this season and is feeling a little pressure. Great to see you’re blogging again!

    • Jana, thanks! I’ve missed you guys – I have to get back on RWOL and see how everyone is. I’ve been keeping track on Facebook – I saw how well Alana has been doing! Tell her we would love for you all to move here so she can come run for our high school! LOL! Really though, I understand the pressure – just tell her to keep it fun. You can be competitive and have fun too! I’m glad your running is going well too – 5ks are fun!

  2. Welcome back! I am so glad you are getting back to running! As for the soggy weather, the cross country coach just came in my office today and said the girls team was frustrated because they aren’t able to put up great times due to the “quick sand” they have been running in!!

    • Hi Jodi, Thanks! I know, our girls are sooo frustrated – their times are great in practice, then we get to the weekend and it’s all mud! Hopefully it will dry up soon ~ Your training is going great! I’ve been following on Facebook – you must be getting so excited! You are going to do awesome!

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