Posted by: runsinthefamily | April 17, 2011

Lots of updates! And yay, Katie!

I promised a race report from the half marathon that was, what, two weeks ago?  With Track in full swing my time is pretty much used up!  So here is a quicky race report :

The Towpath Half Marathon – I found out about it the day before, and decided to sign up because I needed to run 12 that day, and figured the race would be a great way to have a supported ( water stops, etc) run!  Of course, did I take advantage of the support?  Not really.  The day was cold but sunny, and the start was a wicked downhill – just long enough to really get everyone going.  Of course I went out too fast.  It was a downhill!  My first mile was 7:23.  Ooops.  I slowed down, but a little too much – 2miles passed at just around 16 minutes.  I kept up about a 8 :20 pace through about 9 miles – when it felt like all my strength just left me.  The fast start really did me in, and I dragged myself to the finish at 1:55:07.  It would have been nice ( and smart!) to NOT go out so fast, it wasn’t a 5k after all!  AND, I didn’t take any gels, I didn’t take any water or gatorade until mile 11- that wasn’t so smart either.  I need to learn that even when it is not hot weather, I still need to drink!

The shirt and medal are gorgeous!

Since the half, I’ve been training with the high school team – doing their speedwork too.  My hamstring has been pretty good – I’ve had to cut a few of the shorter sprints out, but mostly no problem, even though the weather hasn’t warmed up as much as we would like.  I’ve been doing my longer runs on Sundays, so the half was two weeks ago, I did 10 last week, and 16 today.  Next week ( Easter!) will probably be a 20, then another 16, and then it will be time to taper for the Cleveland Marathon!

Oldest DD Katie ran the Vienna Marathon today – she ran a 3:22:16!  I’m so happy for her!  She will be a senior at Boston College next year, and really wanted to officially qualify for and run the Boston Marathon.  And she did it!  I’m going to try to get her to write up a race report and post it here, but for now she is on her spring break and off to Scotland to visit a friend.

Youngest DD not only ran a 5k this morning, but then she had a track meet too!  Yay!  Way to go Maggie!


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