Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 26, 2011

Chili Bowl 5k and update

Marathon training is coming to a close!  The Shamrock marathon is 3 weeks from tomorrow.  We have been having some crazy weather – 10 days ago we had temps in the 60s and all our snow melted – then yesterday we had another huge snow storm, with easily 10 inches of snow, and Monday it’s supposed to be near 60 and thunderstorms ( and hopefully all the snow will melt).


Last weekend I ran the Chili Bowl 5k.  I did this same race last year, it is usually the first race of the season around here, and a fun one to do.   This year the temperature wasn’t too cold, around 35°, but incredibly windy!  At one point I felt like I would be blown off my feet.  And somehow we were against the wind most of the way – it seemed to turn around all the downtown buildings, so if we had it at our back it was only briefly ( too bad, it would have helped!).

First mile was 7:35- not very fast, I knew I started too far back in the pack.  But surprisingly I wasn’t tired at all – just felt like I was pushing it a bit.  Next mile – 15:35 – okay, must have slowed a bit – and finally, finish time of 23:22, 4th in AG.  I’m happy with the last mile.1, because it includes a big hill, and the part where I felt like I was being blown off my feet!  So slower than last year by about 30+seconds, and unfortunately out of the prizes, would have liked to get 3rd to get another chili bowl to take home!

The next day I did a 20 miler outside, the weather was perfect, around 32°, and it was great to run it outside after so  many treadmill long runs.  I did an eight mile loop so I could stop by the house for gatorade, then 2 6 mile loops.  It worked perfectly.  I wasn’t very fast, I think it averaged out to be about 10 minute pace, but I was happy to have it done.

I had planned on another 20 miler today, but had to run it on the treadmill after all the snow we had yesterday ~ the streets are still horrible around here.  I made it to 12 and stopped – for some reason I was chaffing really badly ( and this was after using bodyglide too!) and started altering my stride, which made my left heel start to hurt- which led to stopping early.  So now, what to do?  I have only done 2 20s, but lots of 16 milers.  I was going to do 16 next weekend.  Should I do the 20 miler instead?  I should be able to run outside no matter what I do.



  1. Nice job on the training! I think it’s good that you stopped if you had chafing and pain. I think that with two 20’s under your belt you should be fine. Don’t risk wearing yourself out during the taper with another 20. Good luck to you!

  2. Great job Connie! I am confident you are going to rock that marathon!! Are you running St. Malachi again this year? Jenn and I will be running it. Our long run that weekend is 12 miles so we are going to run 7 prior to the race start.

    • Jodi, Elizabeth, thanks! Jodi, the St. Malachi race is 8 days before the marathon! I had planned to do it, but just realized how close it is. So now I’m not sure. I’m supposed to go 12 then too! If I decide to do it could I tag along with you and Jenn for the 7 prior? ( ooh – it might depend on the weather 🙂

      • You can absolutely tag along with us (our pace may be a bit slow for you though but you are more than welcome). We are not racing it. Just using it as part of our 12 mile training run. Much like the 30K we are doing Sunday..treating it as a training run!

      • Thanks! Are you doing the NCN racing 30k on Sunday? I did that one year! It’s nice to use as a supported training run – no having to worry about water! I’m going to do my 20 this weekend – but I’ll probably have to do it on Saturday.

  3. Yes we are doing the NCN as a training run! We like the idea of being able to “practice” water stops, etc for Cleveland!

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