Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 15, 2011

“My Life on the Run” by Bart Yasso review

I finally finished reading this!  Twice actually.  Bart Yasso,  the Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World, is a very interesting guy!  This book is about his life, how he got into running, a bit about how he got the job at Runner’s World, but mostly, about the many adventures he has been on.  He has the best job in the world – he gets to travel and run for his job!

My favorite chapter is the one about the time Bart ran the Badwater Ultra- a 146 mile ultra through Death Valley, ending up Mount Whitney.  At the time Bart ran in 1989, the race had only 6 entrants including Bart.  It is a crazy race – the runners have to have a crew following them, and can only wear their shoes for a few hours before they start to melt on the hot asphalt.

Another favorite chapter is about Bart and his wife, Laura, getting married and running in Italy.  And a non-running chapter- about Bart bicycling across America – makes me wish I could do that!  Bart has done so many amazing races, and met so many people.  This book is a great read to find out about all the “bucket list” races and adventures he has done.  I didn’t know he has lyme disease – and that makes for some interesting adventures too.  I would recommend this book to anyone – newbie runner or long time pro.  It’s a great read.

Less than 5 weeks now till the Shamrock marathon!  And the weather has finally gotten better here in Northeast Ohio.  I am running the Chili Bowl 5k on Saturday, so my long run  – 20 miles- is switching to Sunday for this week.   Only a few more weeks until Taper time!  Have a great week everyone!


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