Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 9, 2011

Wow! It’s been a while…

since my last post!  A lot has happened since then!  I’ve been running 50 mile+ weeks,  I have run 1 20 miler, a couple 16 milers, and this past weekend I cut my planned 20 miler short, running 11 on Saturday, and then came back with 9 at MP ( marathon pace) on Sunday.

I picked up some new shoes:

Womens Brooks Launch Running Shoe



Don’t they look awesome?  They felt wonderful at the running store – the Brooks Launch.  Here is what RRS says about them:

Women’s BROOKS® LAUNCH :: With an incredibly flexible outsole and seamless transition, the lightweight women’s Brooks® Launch will get you from start to finish, whether you’re doing a tempo run or a race. Add to that the lower-profile midsole and minimal upper, and it’s 1,2,3……blast off! 7.5 ounces

Minimal: Great for foot strengthening, speed workouts, and racing. Perfect training tool for Stability+, Stability, Neutral+ or Neutral runners.

Okay, that sounds pretty good, right?  So I walked around the house in them last night, and they didn’t feel like they needed to be “broken in” so I took them to the indoor track tonight to try them for a few miles.  I ran all of 5 laps ( 12 to a mile!) and even though the shoes felt wonderful, they seemed to be causing my right hamstring to feel “tweaked”.  (no better way to describe it).  I immediately stopped and walked to a corner to stretch, then changed back to my normal shoes.  I finished the mile, and my leg felt better, but the hamstring was still “there”.  ( do you know what I mean?  The muscle/injury/whatever isn’t really painful, but you can just feel it.  And it doesn’t feel right.)  So I shut it down and came home.  And promptly did all my hip strengthening and core and ab exercises I have been neglecting!  After using the foam roller and stretching, I think I am better.  Lesson learned – keep doing my exercises, and maybe slow down on trying the new shoes until I’m sure my hammy is back to normal.

I also have a book review still coming!  I’ve finished Bart Yasso’s book, My Life on the Run, and really, it’s great.  His book is full of his many experiences as RW’s Running Ambassador, and his many adventures are any runner’s bucket list.  I’ll try to say more this weekend.

So, since last week I missed my 20 miler, I am thinking of doing it this weekend ( I was alternating weekends between 16 and 20 miles).  It will work out great if my leg is truly better, because I really would like to do the Chili Bowl 5k next Saturday, and then I’ll do 16 next Sunday.  The weather is supposed to finally get better too!  Yay for warmer temperatures!  ( it was 15 here today!)

Have a great Thursday everyone!



  1. Nice review. It’s too bad you had some leg pain, but good that you went home and did everything you should have!

  2. Nice new shoes. I’ll be at the Chili Bowl. I’ve run it the last 2 years. It’s such a fun race!

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