Posted by: runsinthefamily | December 31, 2010

2010 in review

ugh- I had a horrible run today to end 2010.  It was WARM today in Cleveland, so I moved my long run to today.  I guess that was a big mistake.  Yesterday I cut a run short because I just felt exhausted, and although I got extra sleep last night, I just felt bone-tired right from the start.  Finally took a couple of walking breaks, then tried to run it in – but started to feel nauseous and light-headed.  So the 16 miler turned into 14, and now I’m trying to rest up for New Year’s eve!

2010 started off great – I had a great cycle of training for Boston, running more 20 milers than ever before, and just felt great – until race day.  Although my time wasn’t what I had hoped for, Boston was an awesome experience – and now I want to go back!

After Boston came injury time – the one running injury I had not had yet decided to make itself known- plantar fasciitis.  Of course I tried to keep running – which may or may not have been a smart idea.  It did eventually go away – but my training over the summer pretty much sucked.

Fall brought cross-country, and although I usually practice with the team, the PF meant taking it a little easier.  A family crisis led to a couple of weeks off, but I was able to slowly come back and start to build mileage again.  I decided to register for the Shamrock marathon, and started marathon training – just in time for winter!  I was happy to be back running again, when my dad had his stroke – running has been a great stress release.

Hopefully 2011 will turn out better.  I did not make my mileage goal for 2010, in fact my mileage is almost exactly the same as 2009 – 1568.16 for 2010 – 1577.82 for 2009.  I would like to get this higher, and crossing my fingers for no injuries this coming year!


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  1. Even though you didn’t meet your mileage goal, you still ran a good amount! Sorry about the injury, and I hope you stay injury free for 2011!

  2. Thanks! I hope so too!

  3. Happy New Year! Here’s to a year ahead w/ good health and lots of PRs 🙂

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