Posted by: runsinthefamily | December 4, 2010

Reindeer Run 5k

Today was the last race of the year ( well, probable last race:  there is a race on New Year’s Eve, but I probably won’t run that one).   Since I missed looked out the window at the cold rain and went back to sleep the Turkey Trot, I made sure I got up today for this one!  Last year when I ran it was bitterly cold – this year was cold, but not too bad – around 30°.  I should have warmed up, but opted to stay in the nice, warm building instead.  Finally, it was time to start – lots of people!  And even two mascots!  Moon Dog and the Cavalier were out to run today!  How the Cavalier ran in his costume, I don’t know.  It must have been almost impossible to see.  

and here is Sir CC

See?  And he ran in those boots too!  Moondog beat Sir CC, by about 8 minutes.  Thank goodness I beat both of them!  After running 10 on the treadmill yesterday ( why did I think that was a good idea the day before a race?) my legs felt a little stiff, and my first mile reflected that – I had a hard time getting going, and the first mile was 7:55.  Ugh!  But I must have been speeding up, because 2 miles came in at 15:40ish, and my finish time ( Dchip tag) was 23:34.  Good for 2nd in my age group, which was a surprise – there were lots of fast people there, but not as many in my age group.  Definitely not as fast as I would like, and not even as fast as last year, when I was just getting over pneumonia(!) but I’m feeling pretty good right now, it didn’t take that much out of me.  So I can probably run faster, right?  I will probably have to wait for the Chili Bowl 5k in February to see.

Results are here: Jodi ran with her daughter, I saw her after the race, fun!  And cold!


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