Posted by: runsinthefamily | November 14, 2010

fall classic, here I come…

Even though it won’t be the fastest half marathon I’ve ever done, it will be nice to do a race next weekend.   Today was an hour 37 minutes in the park, trail run.  I was operating on not much sleep this whole week, plus I forgot to eat my peanut butter and honey sandwich before starting the run, so half way through I really started to feel horrible, but a quick water break helped a bit, at least for a few minutes!  I definitely need to remember to take care of myself and fuel properly before these longer runs.

This week ended with 35.75 miles, the most I’ve done for a while.  Most of this coming week will be easy runs, since the half is on Sunday.  I will probably attempt another track session on either Tuesday or Thursday, depending on the weather.  Yesterday was gorgeous here, around 65° and sunny, but today was only in the upper 40s, and rainy in the morning.  Hopefully it won’t snow before next weekend, knock on wood!



  1. Great job getting back into it! You ran pretty much double the mileage I ran this week! I was hoping for a long run yesterday but both kids were sick so I had to take them to urgent care (to find out they both hav strep) and then had to get in a quick run before my husband had to “smooze” clients at the Browns Grame. I am really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! We definitely have to get a picture this time!! Do you have a goal time for Sunday?

    • Strep! Oh no! Take care of yourself so you don’t get it! I don’t really have a goal time – I have no idea what I can do right now. So just to finish, I guess. How about you? What is the goal time of the person you are running with? We definitely need to get a picture!

      • Jenn and I ran a 2:06 at the River Run on September 12th. She has been sick with the flu so isn’t sure how fast she will be. She definitely wants to break 2:30 but would be ecstatic to break her current PR of 2:06. I told her we would run by feel! Of course we just want to finish! Her husband is running the 5K on Sunday. It will be his first.

      • That’s awesome your husband is running too! I was trying to get one of my kids to run, but I guess not this time. I really don’t know how fast – I’m guessing anywhere from 1:50 ( I hope!) to 2 hours or just over – probably closer to 2 hours. I’ll see you there!

      • Jenn’s husband is running. Not mine! He isn’t into running at all and he has to work Sunday! LOL. See you there!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great job with the weekly mileage. Good luck in your race this weekend. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for no snow. 🙂

    • Thanks! Good luck to you too! It sounds like you should have a great race!

  3. Good luck on your race next weekend! Looks like you’re quite the speed-ster and distance chica! I read you live in Northern Ohio? What part? My folks are from the west side of Cleveland. I went college in Wooster, too. I love that state 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m on the eastside, in Shaker. Jodi ( comment up above) is from the west side! Which suburb are you from?

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