Posted by: runsinthefamily | November 10, 2010

Running Times Motivational Series

I am just getting back to running after a family crisis that kept my time occupied for most of a week.  Coinciding with the end of the high school cross-country season left little time for my running.  However, each day has been a little bit better, and as of last Friday I am back to running myself.

As a runner, I go through periods of time where I slack off on my motivation to run, and other times where I decide to rededicate myself to attaining a goal time, running a goal race, or simply getting fitter and faster.  This is one of those times.  After a disappointing Boston, and injury upon injury this summer and fall, I am ready to try again, and see where my training can take me.  I will try to eat better and get more sleep, and to be more consistent with my running again, which may be the biggest factor of all.  Stretching, core, yoga, hip exercises, and strength training are all going to be part of the equation.  Winter will be a time to build strength and endurance for speedwork  in the spring.  Where will this take me?  It’s time to find out.

Browsing through my favorite blogs and websites led me to Running Times and a look at their web exclusive articles.  There is a new series there, well, new to me since I hadn’t been to the website for a while.  Eric Grossman, an ultrarunner and member of the Montrail ultrarunning team, has 6 columns on the Running Times website dealing with motivation.  It looks like more is on the way.  I began by reading Part 6, Plan for Improvement, since this was the first article I saw.  Wow.  He shares the story of his state cross-country meet experience from high school, which hooked me right away, having just watched one of our girls run in our state meet this past weekend.  Whether you are just starting out as a runner, or have been running for years and years, check out the series.  My favorite one is Part 3: Continuously re-center your story, which starts off retelling the story of Steve Prefontaine, (our cross-country team watches either the movie  Pre or Without Limits every year) and goes on to talk about being the person you want to be.  As Eric Grossman says, “You are going to get knocked around.  Your story will have difficulty, strife, illness and injury.  Your trials are that much more dramatic when compared to times when you performed well.  To stay motivated, you will have to rework your story continuously to confront the reality of your situation and to remain aspirational… We can all strive to push and even redefine those limits,…and still live to tell the tale. ”   Great words to live by.



  1. Welcome back to the blog and running world! We have missed you! Any plans for races this fall/winter/spring?

    • Hi Jodi, thanks! Yes, I’m definitely going to do the Fall Classic half marathon, although I know I’m not going to be in “racing shape”, but I’d like to see where I am anyway. The Turkey trot on Thanksgiving of course, and maybe the Reindeer run 5k in Lakewood? I’m planning on Cleveland next spring, with other races sprinkled in here and there. I was almost thinking of the Shamrock marathon in Virginia Beach in March, but I’m not sure I would be ready for a marathon, plus I’m not sure about traveling – I would probably have to go by myself, and I’m not so keen on that! How about you? Your runs have been awesome lately!

      • Hi Connie! Actually I am running the Fall Classic Half with my friend Jenn that I paced at the River Run half back in March (it was her first). She hasn’t been training as much for this one (she’s down with the flu at the moment) so we are just planning to run it as a training run which if fine with me since I have seriously cut back since hitting 1,000 miles in 2010 on October 31st. As far as races for me, I am doing the Fall Classic Half. I was considering a half marathon in Ashland the same day as the Reindeer Run but I think I may go Reindeer run since it is shorter and closer. My daughter asked me to run the Gobble Wobble with her on Thanksgiving while we are visiting my family (I know that one will be a slow walk/run but I’m okay with that). I am signed up for the Nashville 1/2 on April 30th. It fits perfectly in my training for the Cleveland Marathon (which of course I plan to FINISH this time). I am also looking at running the Austin 1/2 Marathon in February. I am sure there will be other races sprinkled in during my marathon training which starts January 10th. Hope to see you at the Fall Classic!!

      • Jodi, great! I’m trying to convince Coach E to come pace me, but he’s not sure, and one of the cross country girls might come too, but I don’t think she signed up yet. So it will be awesome to see someone I know there! Where is the Gobble Wobble? In Pennsylvania? Are you traveling by yourself to Nashville and Austin? That’s what I am struggling with – I would love to go do some of these races, but there would be no way to take the family with me –

      • Oops, the River Run was in September! I’m losing my mind!!

      • If I do Austin for sure , one of my friends will be joining me.

        Right now there are three of us signed up for Nashville and I have family that lives in Nashville.

        Yes, the Gobble Wobble is in PA.

        Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st!

  2. Great blog post! I was just thinking about you after my trip to Milwaukee/Marquette wondering how your running was going. Glad you have some new motivation. Yay for doing the Turkey Trot!

    • Thanks! Do you have any races planned? Is it still the Martian marathon in the spring?

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