Posted by: runsinthefamily | October 12, 2010

a beautiful day…

for a run!  Today was a perfect fall day:  cool, crisp temperatures, bright blue skies, trees turning red, orange and gold.  Yes!  I am running again.  Today was an easy 30 minutes with the starting-to-peak high school team.  I ran easily and listened to their excited chatter.  

I’ve been busy reading race reports from friends who ran different fall marathons – I’m jealous!  I’m trying soooo hard to be careful not to up the mileage too soon, so I won’t get injured again ( knock on wood).  But I’ve been inspired into thinking about my next races, and I’m already thinking of running Cleveland next spring.  Other marathons are catching my eye – the Shamrock marathon in Virginia Beach in March, the Martian marathon in Michigan in April (oh, my, love those tshirts!)  …but it would be nice to have most of the spring to train, and to sleep in my own bed the night before.

The league championship for our cross country teams is this Saturday – the girls are shooting to win!  Let’s hope for sunny skies and dry ground!



  1. Glad to see you are feeling better and out there running a bit! You know my vote is for you to run Cleveland because I am but I understand how it is to want to do a marathon before then. I just keep telling myself I want to finish what I started where I started it but it is hard thinking about the fact my cousin (that I ran most of Cleveland with) is running the Philadelphia Marathon in November!

    • Thanks Jodi! I know, other marathons are so tempting! Good luck at Detroit!

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