Posted by: runsinthefamily | September 19, 2010

It’s been a while…

A month!  In that time, I’ve been a) running with the xc team and b) injured again!  So what else is new.  I had a few weeks of okay running, getting back in shape, rubbing and massaging my foot back to normal, only to have a different part of the same foot start to hurt last week.  This Tuesday it will be one week of not running.  I did go to the podiatrist on Friday, because I was sure it was a stress fracture, from the way it felt.  He took xrays, and although it is soon to really see anything, I guess he’s seen enough of them that he pronounced the magical words, “not a stress fracture”!  However I did a number on it – he likened it to a “bone sprain”, although that’s not a real term, he said it will take a bit of time for the pain to subside.  I also seem to have done something to a tendon near there  ( by the way, it’s the area around my fourth metatarsal), so the orthotics were once again adjusted a bit and I was sent on my way.  If it still hurts this Friday I can opt to go back for a cortisone shot.  Oh joy.


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