Posted by: runsinthefamily | August 19, 2010

Fashion meets function…sort of

So today I wore one of my new running tank/long bra tops  (well, bought it awhile ago, but since we all know about my summer injury,  I hadn’t had a chance  was too chicken to wear it yet.)  Today was one of those just right days – cool in the morning ( when I wasn’t running, sniff) and hot in the afternoon ( yep – that’s right, that’s when I was out there).  Really though, it wasn’t super hot like it has been, just low 80s.  I bought a few of these tops way back in May, thinking they would be perfect for summer races…yeah, that worked out real well!  I opened up my running drawer today ( the biggest drawer in my dresser – that’s another story) and this one just sort of popped out at me ( really, it showed up when I tried to stuff everything  back in after looking for my tempo shorts.)  What the heck!  I decided to wear it today.

Well, I like fashion as much as the next gal, but when it comes to running I’m decidedly old school.  Whatever works – I don’t try to match colors or anything, and I have just about a zillion race t-shirts to choose from.  I love wearing old race shirts to this year’s edition of the race – although I’m not sure people really notice anymore like they used to.  ( I remember doing this back in the day to look like a serious, long-time runner).  And nothing against anyone who wears running skirts – I think they are adorable, but I won’t be wearing them to races.  So wearing these tops is a definite departure for me – but since I run with teenagers, I think they are starting to rub off on me.  I did feel very sleek and fast putting it on – ( almost like Kara Goucher!  as if!  in my dreams.  But I think it’s the colors this top is, I feel like I’ve seen Kara wearing something similar)

Okay, it’s kind of little, and now that I see it, my top isn’t really like it at all.  Just black and pink.

So, I went running.  A nice, easy almost 5 mile run.  Feeling very sleek and fast.  Then I started to sweat.  So…. what do I usually do?  Apparently I use my t-shirt sleeves to wipe the sweat out of my eyes.  Uh oh.  Can’t do that now!  I resorted to using my hands and wiping them on my shorts.  I guess that works okay.  Does everyone have this problem?  ( please say yes!)

So, here’s what I looked like after my run…
Not too bad, right!  Well, not quite like Kara.

Oh!  And guess what happened to my watch!

Aargh!  It started to come apart at cross country camp, and I was able to pop it back in, but it is obviously loose.  I love this watch, I’ve had different colors of this style for years, and this is the first time it has happened like this!  Luckily oldest DD has the same watch in one of the new colors…

So I went up and grabbed it off her dresser for my run today.  Shhh, don’t tell.  Tomorrow we will go off to Target to get a new one for me.  I still love to wear this watch instead of my Garmin many times, and it is really indispensable for track workouts.

So – fashion vs. function….which do you choose?  And how do you keep sweat from getting in your eyes when you can’t use your sleeve to wipe it away?

Oh – and please pray for my dear, dear friend Connie W., who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is facing surgery and chemotherapy.  I love you bunches dear girl, we are all praying for you and your family.


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