Posted by: runsinthefamily | July 22, 2010

Check out runJodirun’s blog!

Many, many thanks to Jodi of runJodirun !   She features a runner each Thursday, and this week she picked me!  Since I’m still not running, I wasn’t sure she still wanted to feature me, but she did, and it is such a nice pick-me-up, since I’ve really been missing running this week.

So – a brief update – my foot has felt better at times this week, and this past Sunday I ran for 15 minutes before stopping, and on Tuesday night I managed a warmup mile on the track with the cross-country team, but when I tried to also run the cooldown mile I could tell it was a bad idea.  So I decided to call the podiatrist and schedule an appointment – I’m starting to think  that one Friday, I hurt something else besides just a plantar fasciitis flare up – it’s hard to describe, and I may be wrong, but it seems like  the muscle of my arch ( I really need to look this up!) feels like it  is strained or something similar.  I’ll find out tonight, and let you know. 

Meanwhile, enjoy Jodi’s blog!  I’m really honored she chose me this week, it has been fun to read about the different runners she has picked each Thursday.  Jodi, you inspire me!



  1. Good luck at the doctor today. It was my pleasure to give you a Thumbs Up today! I love doing Thumbs Up Thursday! It is fun to learn why others run and what keeps them going! Thanks so much for saying I inspire you! You inspire me!!

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