Posted by: runsinthefamily | July 9, 2010

Hot time in the city…

It seems like a good week NOT to be running!  Which is what I have been doing.  Or not doing.  My foot ( that darn PF) acted up again last Friday, or, I should say, I pushed it too much.  And it was feeling so much better ( sigh).  So I have not run since last Friday.  Have you all been experiencing the heat wave like we have here in Northeast Ohio?  Ugh.   The only thing worse than running in this hot weather is sitting and watching other people run, which is what I have been doing!

I finally decided to go see my ART doc, Dr. Z. For those of you who don’t know what ART is, it stands for Active Release Technique -you can find more info here: It basically feels like a really, really strong stretch – although that doesn’t fully explain it.  The scar tissue is worked out, so the muscles can move like they are supposed to.  It worked really well for my hamstring/piriformis problem, and since my biomechanics are not the best, I seem to always have chronically tight muscles that pull me one way or another.  ART really helps with that.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of going a month ago, it might have saved me a lot of pain!  As a sidenote, DS #2 will be going with me when I go again next week – after seeing our Sports med doc today for his knee, he was told to work on those super tight hamstrings – and the doc said ART is perfect for that.  I also rediscovered icebaths for my foot, ( much better than just rolling on a frozen can- not sure why) and found out using my NordicTrack doesn’t bother the PF, and really, really helps me to work up a sweat.  So I’ve found my cross-training, although it does get a little boring.  I am going to try a little bit of running tonight – we’ll see how it goes!



  1. Glad to hear you have been able to have some relief with ART. Also, glad to hear you have been able to cross train. This heat has been ridiculous. How bad is it that I am excited that it is going to be “cool” for my 5k tomorrow…I consider anything under 80 cool these days! Also, I like the new look of your blog. Pretty background!

    • Hi Jodi,

      Thanks! I was looking for something “summery” and this was the closest I could find on WordPress! Good luck on your 5k tomorrow!

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