Posted by: runsinthefamily | June 20, 2010

Dads Day Run 2010

Today was the 5 mile Dad’s Day run in my suburb.  This is a deceivingly tough course – the first half of the race is supposedly slightly downhill, but with a few quick short hills thrown in – and the second half is all uphill – not sharply uphill mind you, but the type of uphill that you wouldn’t notice if you were driving a car, however, when you are walking or running you really feel it.  The race also has a late start for the end of June – 9am, and while part of the course is shady, much of the uphill second half is not!  This course always kicks my butt – I really could train on the course if I wanted to, it passes near my house, and some of it is part of my regular running routes – but I never really think of doing that, since I know the neighborhood so well.

Needless to say I have never run a good time at this race.  I do well in my age group, but never have the time I want or think I am capable of running.  Today was no different.  My first mile was fine, about 7:10, but then I started feeling the heat and all my miles after that were 8 minute miles.   I’m happy I really didn’t slow down more than that, but I do feel like I should be running 37 minutes right now for a 5 mile race, not 39:10!

On the plus side, my knee, which had been feeling wonky all week, wasn’t an issue at all.   And the PF on my right foot was also a non-issue.  The plan for this week is just to run 5 miles every day, with a track workout on Tuesday, and a hill workout on Friday.  If the knee and PF remain fine, I will start creeping up the mileage of my long run.  I have another race planned for next Sunday, either a 5k or a 10k, but right now a 5k sounds pretty good to me.  Especially if it’s hot.



  1. Good job out there in the heat Connie. The 5k I ran today started at 8:30 and it was hot then! I was glad I was done running before 9:00! Glad to hear the knee and foot are non-issues! Yeah! Where are you running the 5k or 10k next weekend?

    • Hi Jodi, thanks! You did a great job too! I’m doing the Most Excellent Run in Cleveland Heights next weekend – it’s basically a loop course, and you can either do 1 loop for the 5k or 2 loops for the 10k!

  2. That’s an interesting approach for a race. Sounds like fun! Good luck out there! Maybe we will run into each other at some point during our summer/fall races!

  3. That’s alot of racing you’re doing! It was hot in the Bay today, as well. It felt like real summer.

  4. Don’t discount the heat, dear! Seriously, it can do a number to a race time. You ran well, and your knee wasn’t “wonky”, so both of those are pluses! GREAT JOB!

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