Posted by: runsinthefamily | June 9, 2010

Update- school’s out! & summer xc training is here!

Hmm- let’s see.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks – culminating in a trip to the state track meet for our girl’s 4×800 team, who took fourth in the state, and set a new school record of 9:21!  Yay to Alyssa, Erin, Naleta & Amber!

I ended up running a 5 mile race on Memorial Day – the University Heights Memorial Day run. It was a horrible, hot, sunny, yucky day – and I do not usually run well in the heat.  I guess I should be happy with my time, because considering all that I didn’t blow up as much as I usually do, and finished first in my age group with a 38:31.  7:42 pace.  It felt horrible though – and I stopped at all the water stops except the very last one ( which I should have stopped at too!)  Having the start at 9:15am on a hot day didn’t really help either.

With all the hot summer weather, my friend and blogging buddy Jodi provided a great link on her blog to another blog about hydration and summer running.  I apparently never drink enough afterwards!  So I am really going to work on that this summer.

Since the race, I saw my podiatrist, got my right orthotic updated, and have been slowly running more, little by little.  The PF is going away, just taking a little time, but it never hurts when running, so as one friend said, I should just run all the time!  I also started going to the Second Sole racing/running club‘s track workout this week – if you live in the Cleveland area, come!  The practice is at the Hawken Middle school track on Richmond road.  We did 5x 800s at 5k race pace, with a 400 jog recovery after each one.  Each week will be different from what I hear – the club actually has a coach, although he wasn’t there last night.  I also went to the running club’s Wednesday run this week – I would like to go as often as I can this summer, because running with other people, I always run faster than when I run by myself.  ( and for me, that’s a good thing, I don’t seem able to push myself.  Don’t know why.  That’s why I love running with the team so much.)

Except for the 4×800 team, the rest of the xc girls are done with their two weeks off after their track season.  That means Sunday morning trail runs, and Friday 6am runs at a local park!  ( We basically run 2.5 miles downhill, then turn around and run 2.5 miles back up. )  We are also having twice weekly lifting sessions, although I have to figure out how to work that into my work schedule.   The other days the team captains organize runs for everyone.  It looks like my weeks are already full!

Next up – June 20th – The Dads Day 5 mile run – always a fun, hot time.  Wish me luck!

Oh!  One more thing.  An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal that is making the rounds on the Ultralist :
Pickle juice!  For muscle cramps!  See what you think.  Interestingly enough, my mom used to make Pickle juice  bread – it was awesome!  I will have to ask her for the recipe.

Have a great running week!



  1. Isn’t it crazy how much you are supposed to drink? I was shocked when I read that! Sounds like you have a great summer planned! I too will be running on father’s day but a 5K in Rocky River. I am sure it will be toasty! Glad to hear the foot is feeling better!

  2. Big congrats to your relay team!!!!! That is exciting stuff. Also, the pickle juice is really nothing new to sports. Old school football coaches did this a LOT back in the day. You won’t see me trying it anytime soon, though! Good luck in your race next weekend!

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