Posted by: runsinthefamily | May 25, 2010

Summer is here

Wow, it has turned really hot this week!  We have had such a crazy spring, first hot, then cold, then cold and wet, and now hot and humid.  I don’t particularly like running in this kind of weather, I would rather run early in the morning or late at night, but until track season is over, my runs are all at 4pm.  Probably the hottest part of the day.

Running has also been very back -and-forth for me the past couple weeks, well, really, ever since Boston.  Sometimes my foot ( that dreaded PF) is fine, and sometimes it hurts.  It never seems to hurt when I run anymore, so that is good.  I am still keeping my runs to every other day, which actually is working well with track meets, as we are coming to the end of the season.  Last week we had Districts, this week Regionals, and next week is the State meet for those who qualify.  And we do have a few runners who should make it all the way.

My running last week, with only running every other day, was all of 16 miles.  Wow.  I finally made the call to the podiatrist, and will go see him next Tuesday.  The crazy thing about my foot is that doing the foot strengthening exercises and icing it seems to make it hurt worse.  The days I don’t do anything for it are the days it feels the best.  Running longer than 5 miles also makes it more sore, as does wearing the wrong shoes, so I have been looking really dorky at work and wearing my running shoes as much as is practical.  Luckily my work is fairly casual, and no one has said anything!  I will be very happy to have an actual diagnosis, and a real plan of action.  I know my case is not very bad, but I am so reluctant to try to run more, for fear it will become worse.  Mostly, this summer I was planning on doing a lot of shorter races, I actually joined the Second Sole Racing Team, and I would like to do some speedwork!  I also wanted to try hill sprints this summer, a la Hudson, so I want to get this solved quick.



  1. I literally feel your pain on the PF. I have never had it until the last couple of months. Good luck with the Dr.

  2. Cool that you joined a racing team!!!

  3. Summer is definitely here Connie! Maybe I brought back some of it from my cruise. HAHA! I only got in 10 miles this week so I can totally relate (and 3.1 of them today were a combination of running/walking the 5K with my daughter). That is so awesome you joined Second Sole racing team!

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