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Rite Aid Cleveland 10k race report

Well,   I’m not showing up in the results yet!!  I emailed someone from the results page – the “results question” person.  So we shall see what happens.

A week after Boston, I had thought about trying to run the Cleveland marathon, and when I received an email saying they only had 500 spots left, I went ahead and signed up.  Not long after ( maybe the very next day?) my foot started hurting ( see posts below!)   The consequences being that I have hardly done any running since then, although this week, realizing I could run every other day without it bothering my foot, I did quite a few short but “tempo-y” runs with the track team ( 30-40 minutes, on their “recovery” days – but this is now the fast group who is still running in the league championships, so they were all at a fast-for-me pace!)

My first order of business at the Expo on Saturday was to switch to the 10k race.  I haven’t raced a 10k in ages – but I used to love this distance.  I always thought it played to my strengths – some speed, some endurance, and not lasting long enough to really hurt.  Huh.  Guess I really forgot a lot!  I was also meeting Mary (BlackBear from the RW forums) at the Expo – she had driven in from Michigan, had also signed up for the marathon, and wanted to switch to the sold out half marathon.

So, arrived at the Expo, went to the “solutions” table, and was told to go get my marathon bib and bring it back to them.  First clue something could go wrong – the woman took my marathon bib, gave me a purple 10k bib, and wrote the two bib numbers in two columns on a legal pad. Hmmm, I wonder, could it possibly be it didn’t get entered correctly into the computer?

Anyway, after that, I found Mary, we went to get my 10k t-shirt.. cotton…sniff, sniff  😦   and then looked around a did a little shopping.  Then we went off to the Marriott to try and meet Wendy, also from the RW forums, who had come up from Florida to try and BQ!  We ended up stalking her and her friends at dinner.  I had a great time talking with Mary!

The next morning, I left my house early, ( 6am) mostly to try and park as close as I could to the starting area.  It doesn’t take long to get downtown, but already the close spots were taken.  The marathon started at 7am, the 10k at 7:15am, so I had some time to look around for Mary, Wendy, Jodi, or Kellybeans ( also from RW forum).  I never did find them – there were a lot of people!  Finally, it was time for me to line up – as close to the front as I felt comfortable, although there still ended up being some walkers in front of me – but after I crossed the line, I was able to move to the side and pass them.

I wore my Garmin for the first time at a race this morning, and now I’m glad I did.  I forgot to take off the lap chimes ( and I have it set for a lap to be a mile), so a little before every mile it would chime.  I didn’t really look at it though – I really wanted it more for the info it would give me after the race.

The first mile has a strong downhill, as we leave downtown and go down to Marginal road, which runs by Burke Lakefront airport ( and the lake).  I remembered this was part of the marathon course from when I ran it last year, and everyone saying how good it was to go this direction, because the wind wouldn’t be as bad.  Well, today we had a strong headwind.  I remember thinking this would be hard on the marathoners.  First mile according to Garmin:  6:43.7.

Second mile – still along Marginal Road, same direction.  Definitely realizing I was pushing hard, the wind was still in my face, and I thought about trying to tuck in behind someone.  Mile 2:  7:22.88.

Mile 3 – we go up and over the highway, to the other side to head back.  So, a hill.  I’m really pushing to try to stay with these two women who have passed me.  We cross to the other side, and I try to take smaller, quicker strides to get back into my pace.  Mile 3:  7:34.07.

Mile 4 – now we are on a road parallel to the one we went out on, but we are now on the other side of the highway.  The sun is strong and I’m wishing I had worn a short-sleeved t-shirt instead of the 3/4 sleeve one I wore!  And where the heck is that wind, it should be pushing me now!  The two women are moving away, another one passes, and I try to stay close to her.  Mile 4:  7:39.22.

Mile 5 – I’m really feeling tired, so I try the shorter, quicker steps again.  It does relax me and I keep pace:  7:39.72.

Mile 6 – still trying to stay with anyone who slowly passes – and at the end of this mile, we turn and see the hill we came down at the beginning.  7:47.74.

The last .2 ( actually my Garmin says .28, maybe tangents through out the race were different than what I ran) – all up hill, until I turn to the last 100 yards of the finish – 2:18.84, or 8:18/mile pace.  ( see, I really don’t like hills).

Total time per my Garmin:  47:06.17

I had told Mary the night before I was hoping for something in the 45s, but I’m really happy with this time.  I pushed hard, have not done any speed work in what seems like ages ( not since Boston taper started), and since Boston, have only run a total of 59.02 miles over 4 weeks!  A far cry from the over 50 miles a week I was doing.  If the results get fixed, and I show up, it looks like I could possibly be 6th in my age group – great for a race this size.  I will keep you posted!



  1. It was so fun to meet you and thanks for your Cleveland hospitality at dinner, I would’ve ended up being bored to death Saturday night if you weren’t there!

    Awesome job out there. I love your RR, racing the other woman – that’s my ultimate running goal, to be fast enough soon so I can feel like I’m racing other people. Yeah!!! So, I am glad you called out the wind. I think it was a lot windier than I had expected.

    Totally wierd about your bib. You know what’s really wierd too is they didn’t switch me out at all from the FM to the HM, and I show up in the HM results anyway as a HM’er. But, I noticed there is a different mat there at the finish for the 10k. I hope they can get it straightened out.

    It didn’t occur to me that we were supposed to leave the bottom part of the bib tagged on (the thing with the ‘free drink’) deal, but now that I see yours I know next time.

  2. Great job out there! From your description, it seemed like a challenging but fun race for you. Those kind are the best! Way to go on your AG placing, too!

  3. Good job out there Connie and thank you for cheering me on…even if I don’t remember seeing you after the first time. I am starting to feel worse as the day goes on so I am headed to my doctor this afternoon.

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