Posted by: runsinthefamily | May 3, 2010

more about my foot….

Okay, I’m copying this from my Facebook post, so if you are on Facebook you have probably already seen this!  But here’s a little more about my foot….

“See, I know exactly what I did, and am hoping I just irritated/stressed it a little, and it will go away! My first run after the marathon was fine, then the next morning I decided to cut the grass, and it was really long, we just have a push mower, and I was up on my toes a lot pushing through the thick grass. The next day when I ran it hurt a lot – just like I bruised the heel though – nothing else. I cut the run short, came home, and took ibuprofen – and then was at a track meet all day standing on it. I was able to run on it every other day – it wasn’t bad, just kind of “there”, but then this past Friday I decided to run my almost 10 mile route to see if I was still up for the Cleveland marathon, and while it didn’t hurt when I was running, ( but I could feel it) – later that afternoon at work I had the sharp bruising pain again! So now I’ve taken Saturday and Sunday off, it is back to not feeling bad at all, ( and have I iced it? No, but I’ve been taking ibuprofen!) and I’m contemplating trying to run again today with the track team on their warm up. ( only 1.5 miles). I’ve been hearing and reading so many horror stories though I’m thinking I should just not run for a few more days!”
When I have an injury I want to try to run through, I usually look to the ultra runners information to see if they are able to run with whatever injury I think it is.  Ultra runners always want to keep on running  🙂  and have tried almost everything to be able to keep going.  Kevin Sayer’s website has the most information on ultras that I’ve been able to find – if you scroll down you will see “Injuries” on the left side.  They seem to be able to run with PF – and recommend the stretching/icing/massaging, and taping, and orthotics.  I am also going to check again with Coach E, who also had a severe case of PF, to see again what he thinks about trying to run today!  It’s just so hard – my legs feel FANTASTIC – I really want to run!


  1. Hang in there Connie. You really need to get ice one that foo! 🙂 I hope you are able to run today. I know how frustrating it can be when all you want to do is go out for a run. I completely understand.

    • Thanks Jodi! I know, I will ice it today! Are you tapering now? I’m so amazed with how well you did yesterday in that weather – I think you are going to have a great marathon! hey- I’ve been posting on the Runners World forum, Marathon Race Training, on the BQ ladies thread – you should come join us! There is a woman from Florida who is coming up for the Cleveland Marathon, and one from Michigan who is going to run the half. Maybe we can all meet at the Expo on Saturday!

  2. Yes I am tapering now. I have 4,6, and 3 to run during the work week then 8-10 on Sunday and then 3,4,2 the work week before the marathon. How do I join the Runner’s World forum? I will definitely come over. I was planning to go to the Expo on Friday only because my husband can keep the kids and it would be a lot less stressful to go alone after work as I am picking up my packet as well as two friends from Pittsburgh (one being my cousin). Thanks so much for the kind words. My 12 minute mile when I had to visit the porta potty for severe stomach cramps didn’t help with my time yesterday…. 😦

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