Posted by: runsinthefamily | May 2, 2010

Summer Goals

First, a quick recap of this week’s events:

22.75 miles – and 😦  a sore foot.  Specifically, I think I have a touch of Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot.  Bummer big time.  It’s not real bad, but I am hesitant to run too much on it for fear of making it worse!  I ran Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week ( plus a tiny bit on Monday), but after Friday’s run my foot was definitely more sore.  I did order new shoes as a precaution, and they arrived Friday afternoon, so I will try them tomorrow, with a tiny run to see how it feels.  Meanwhile, I found all sorts of information at Younger Legs for Older Runners .  So I am trying those exercises, stretching my hammys and calves like crazy, and hoping for the best.

Since I was not really satisfied with my Boston time, I was contemplating trying again at the Cleveland Marathon on May 16, until this PF popped up.  It is two weeks from today, so I suppose if my foot is better by then I could still try, but I will see how the next two weeks go.  Pfitzinger has a great plan for in-between marathons, and I did look at the 4 week plan to see what I was getting into.  But like I said, everything is basically on hold until this foot thing is sorted out.

So.  Here are my Summer plans, if everything goes well and I remain injury free:

June 6:   Concord Lake Health Distance Classic Half Marathon

June 20:  Dad’s Day Run 5 mile

June 27:  A Most Excellent Race 10K or 5K

July 10th:  Winking Lizard A Shot in the Dark 4 mile

August 1st:  Mayfield Wildcat Run 5k

August 15: Perfect 10 Miler

Whew!  I love racing, and haven’t been able to do as much as I would like the last couple years, so I am hoping committing it to paper ( or the blog!) will motivate me to make it happen!  It should be a fun summer.

All this is leading up to the Towpath Marathon on October 10th.  I am hoping to fit in another half marathon in September – there are a few around, so this should not be a problem.  Cross country practice will help me with speed work, I will just have to be sure to keep up my long runs as the summer progresses – always a challenge in the heat and humidity.

That’s it!  If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with PF, let me know.  It really is a mild case right now, and like I said, I am just hesitant to run on it for fear of making it worse ( and I usually run through everything, but I am being careful with this one.)  If it’s not feeling better by Friday – if I can wait that long- I will be calling up my favorite podiatrist to schedule a visit.  Or the ART guy I went to last year.  Or both!



  1. You know I would love to see you at the Cleveland Marathon but your health is first and foremost. PF can be terrible. I had it in high school during my senior year. I went to the foot doctor and he wrapped it really well and I was able to compete. Even if you don’t run, I would love to see you on the course during my 4+ hour trek out there!

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