Posted by: runsinthefamily | April 16, 2010

Woohooo! We leave for Boston tomorrow morning!

I should be coming back with the above jacket! Yay!  And lots of pictures and fun happenings to share.  I won’t be back home till late Tuesday night, so I probably won’t be able to blog about the race until Wednesday ( which is also a high school track meet day – so don’t be surprised if you don’t see a post until late Wednesday night.)

Happenings this week – tapering is crazy – I’m running so little, it’s really strange after all the high mileage!  But my legs feel GREAT and I know I will be ready for the big day!  Monday’s weather is forecasted right now for a high of 52 and a passing shower – I would personally like it just a tad warmer, but really, that forecast is just about perfect for a marathon.

The high school team had a dual track meet this past Wednesday – my DS ran the 3200m ( 2 mile) in a time of 10:32 as a freshman!!  He is an awesome pacer~

I can’t wait to see my DD#1 in Boston – yes, she is running the marathon, probably not with me, because one of the girls from the marathon club has run it before, and runs at about the same pace, so they will probably start together.  I think she will have an awesome time!

See you next week!

Edited to add:  Okay, I got this from Elizabeth’s blog an awesome post – :

“Courtesy of Ryan Hall. Thanks to coach and NA for forwarding these links in such timely fashion 🙂

Words of Wisdom: “With one week to go before Marathon Monday the challenging aspects of training shift from the physical to the mental. Anyone who has run a marathon knows how long (mentally) that last week can be. All the physical training is done. The only physical benefits to be gained come from resting and eating well over the next week. Crushing last minute workouts have no place in these final days. However, there is still time to prepare the heart. A heart that is free from all worries, completely trusting in your abilities.

So often there is the temptation to over think race strategy. We want to have an exact race plan that will be carried out exactly how we have visualized it. It’s not that planning is bad, one should be prepared for whatever lies ahead, however there comes a point where we are over analyzing and putting more confidence in having to execute the perfect race strategy then trusting in our ability to respond to whatever is thrown our way. Freedom, in terms of a free-flowing race strategy, can be scary. It’s scary because we have to let go of control. However, the benefits of freedom are great. It allows flexibility, an open mind, an open vision, an open heart to whatever the day may hold. It gives us the opportunity to receive the moment to the fullest whether or not it is the perfect race day or pouring rain. I encourage you to let go and run free and run like you can’t fail!”

And Because Fast Boys in Short Shorts are always motivational:

( tried to make that all be a quote – it is direct from her – not me.  Isn’t it awesome!  Really, this helps me so much, as my goal is 3:45, but I am going to “go with the flow” , and run by feel.  I am feeling confident it will go great!  And I LOVE her last comment and the Youtube video – Ryan Hall and Josh Cox are awesome – !)



  1. Good luck this weekend Connie!! You are going to rock Boston. I am so glad your daughter gets to run Boston as well! I can’t wait to read your Boston report. I will be watching online to see how you are doing! Run hard!

  2. Hey there, hope you have a great Boston weekend! Just remember to soak it all up and have fun! If you see me at the expo say hello!

  3. Wow, great time for your DS and the 2 mile! That’s almost our 4×800 relay time. LOL. GOOOOODDDD luck this weekend! Most of all, enjoy the race. I love that Ryan Hall quote, so thanks for that! I’ll be thinking about all of you guys this weekend.

  4. I can’t wait to read your race report. I did see your finish time. I followed you throughout the day!

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