Posted by: runsinthefamily | April 12, 2010

1 more week!

Actually, since today is almost over, 6 more days!  We leave Saturday morning for Boston.  Taper is going fine- I’m feeling slow and out of shape, just like I usually do.  Plus more energy.  A very strange combination.  I know by race day I’ll be ready to go!

I am currently weather-stalking.  Us runners seem to live by the Weather Channel anyway, we need to know what to wear on those runs.  With running a marathon, so much depends on how the weather is that day, and it is something we have absolutely no control over.  I want to know what I should wear!  I am going to end up bringing every combination of running clothes I can think of anyway.  I have never done an out-of-state race, ( well, not since college), so I’m terrified of needing something I have left at home.  This is making for some crazy dreams this week!

This week I am also trying to take care of all the little details involved in going away for a few days, and trying to get enough rest.  I have cut my mileage way down, and I’m not doing the track workouts with the team, just some nice easy miles, maybe some strides on Thursday after running.  I am itching to do some yard work, but keep telling myself it will wait until next week after Boston.

I signed my younger DS up to do the BAA 5k on Sunday morning, since he will be missing a track meet on Saturday.  We are planning on going to the Expo on Sunday ( gotta get that jacket!), a brunch with the BQ ladies from the Runners World forums, and dinner in the North End that night.  Monday morning is the race!  I am in the 20th corral, in the second wave, so I am estimated to cross the starting line around 10:36 am.  I am hoping to run around 3:45, which would have me finishing around 2:21pm.  ( so I am hoping it won’t be too hot that day – the start is much later than most marathons, although when my dad ran it back in the late 70’s the starting time was 12 noon.  I’m glad it’s not that late anymore!)

Any “must have” items I need to pack?  I am making my list now!



  1. Just wanted to say good luck!!! Have fun and enjoy your trip!

  2. Thanks Rebecca!

    To everyone – I guess I’m not the only one who is going weather crazy! Yesterday I got an email from the BAA titled “Running in Warm Weather” – today I just got one titled “Running in Cold Weather”!!!

  3. Good luck Connie!

    That is too funny about the emails! Yes, I do believe our lives revolve around the Weather Channel! In fact, I am about to go stalk to see how today’s weather is going to be when I get out there for my run! 🙂

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