Posted by: runsinthefamily | March 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

50.63 miles this week, my fourth week in a row over 50.  I actually feel pretty good, I think I am getting used to the mileage.  This week will be my last high mileage week, as I will begin my taper after my last 20 miler on Good Friday.  I know some people like a longer taper, but 3 weeks always seems too long for me, so this will be closer to 2.5 weeks, which should be just about right.  🙂

I ran 9 miles on the trails today, chaffeuring DS #2 and a teammate.  Luckily the rain held off for us until we were driving home.  Since I was trying to keep up with Coach E and the boys, I was a little faster than I probably should have been after a tempo yesterday, but finally let them go ahead ( aka I got lost!) and ran the last 2+ miles by myself.  ( well, not really lost, I just couldn’t figure out which trail they had taken at a fork in the trail – so I went back by the road to our parking lot).  Still the average pace was 8:58 – and I really didn’t feel like I was pushing too much, so it’s all okay.  It is probably closer to the training pace I should run more often – I know when I run by myself I go too slow.

Tomorrow is 3 weeks until Boston!  My older DD did a 20 mile training run with the BC marathon club on the Boston course today – she said 140 of them were bussed out to Hopkinton for the start, and she saw all sorts of running groups setting up water stops, etc. on the way – I guess all the local Boston groups must use this weekend for a last long training run on the course.  She has never run a marathon before, just track and cross-country since she’s been little, and it has been a lot of fun for us to compare notes on our training!  She did GREAT today – I know she is fast, but geez!  She ran with a girl who is one of the leaders of the club, who has run marathons, and qualified at Philadelphia but didn’t register in time ( Boston registration closed right before) – apparently this girl’s PR is 3:20ish?  So today they averaged 7:45 pace for the 20 miles!!!!  I so wish DD gets an official number – the BC club does not usually get enough numbers for everyone, so they give what they get out to whoever raises the most through fundraising.  Eeek!  If anyone would like to contribute, just shoot me an email ( or comment) and I will get you the info!  If she ends up banditing – I’m hoping she can recover well enough to run Cleveland when she is home in May, and officially qualify there.



  1. That is some major mileage Connie! I can’t even imagine running a 7:45 pace for twenty miles! I ran a 7:27 pace yesterday but it was only for 3.1 miles! Does your daughter have a fundraising page I can go to?

    • Hi Jodi – awesome job again on your race today. I don’t know if she has a fundraising page – I know she sent out some letters, and I told her to type it in an email and I’ll try to email people too, but she has a test tomorrow so I don’t think I”ll get it tonight. I’ll ask her about a page though – putting out a link to it would be easy~ thanks!

  2. Thanks again for the compliments on my race yesterday. I was very shocked that my legs were able to turn over that fast with all the slower distance training I ahve been doing. If she doesn’t have a linnk please send me the information via email. Let me know if you need my email address again. Have a great week! It is supposed to be nice!!

    • Thanks Jodi! Just sent you an email. Have a great week!

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