Posted by: runsinthefamily | March 25, 2010

The Boston Marathon course

‘Run’ the Boston Marathon right now.

What do you think?  I found the link to this video on the RW Boston forum.  It’s from an awesome blog called Wicked local – from the Boston area.

Edited to add: wow- I found another video. This one shows the hills better I think:



  1. I definitely think the second video gives a better picture of the hills. You are going to be great! You can do it! How has your week of trainig gone?

    • Hi Jodi! I had a “niggle” in my hamstring, I think just the colder weather brought it on – so I took a rest day yesterday. It did the trick, and I felt fine today, although COLD!!!! I ran this afternoon with the team just when it was changing from rain to snow. Yuck! How are you doing this week?

  2. I am glad the rest day fixed your hamstring. Yes, I was driving when the rain changed to snow. It was definitely yuck! I am doing good this week, thank you. I did the 15 on Sunday and 4 Tuesday and 8 yesterday. I ended up taking today off because I helped with market day at my daughters school which is a workout in itself. Just resting up for Saturday’s 5k.

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