Posted by: runsinthefamily | March 17, 2010

Boston numbers posted…

And I’m #20043.   Wow!  And the race is only 4 1/2 weeks away now.

So this week:  So far, Monday and today ( Wednesday) were our hard, track workout days.  We switched the 2nd hard workout to Wednesday because both Coach E and I have to be home early tomorrow!  So I got to do both hard workouts this week afterall .  Yay.  ( can you tell I’m really tired right now!)  Monday’s workout wasn’t too bad, I ran about 3 miles beforehand, then we did 12 200s, divided into sets of 4, with a 30 sec recovery after each 200, and 3 minutes in between each set.  First set was at goal 3200 meter ( 2 mile) pace, second set at goal 1600/mile pace, third set at 800 meter pace ( i.e., the fastest!).  My times all ranged from 46-49, not much variation unfortunately!

Tuesday was a recovery run for the team, I again put in some miles first, then about 40+ minutes with them.  So my total was almost 8 miles.

Today.  My legs are still quivering!  I ran 3+ first, then the warmup with the team.  It was a beautiful day, a chilly breeze, but bright and sunny, around 56°.  Shorts and t-shirt weather, although when you stopped running, it was cold in that breeze.  Our workout:  3×1000, then 2×800 meters.  Coach E figured paces based on Coach Roy Benson’s paces for the team’s 1600/mile times.  I stayed with one of the girls, MS, for most of it – she did great, and I was working hard to stay with her!  I think our times were 4:19 for the first 1000, but then I got my “legs” (it takes me one rep to get the speed back) and the next two were right around 4:12.  Three minutes rest in between each, and then a slightly longer rest before starting the 800s.  MS was able to go faster on the first one, but my time was around 3:21 on the first, 3:22 on the second.  Then a nice, easy cooldown.

During cross-country practices I can usually hit these kinds of times with no problem, but right now, coming after a winter with a lot of slower running, my legs are having a hard time adjusting!  So when I do my extra running before practice, I am trying to go nice and slow, a sort of extended warm up.  I would like to do more after practice, but no time!  I need to get home and make sure dinner is started, then get youngest DD to her track practice at 6pm!  We are having busy days until taper time – then it should ease up a bit.  🙂



  1. Awesome workout for you and your athletes! Keep up the good work!

  2. What a great week you are having so far! That is awesome! Did getting your Boston number make it even more real for you? I can’t believe you only have 4 1/2 weeks left!!

  3. Thanks girls! Jodi, actually I just realized this morning how nervous it makes me! I’m questioning my training, did I do enough? I think I just need to relax and not overthink everything, but it’s hard not to, when I want to do well! ( and not die out there on the hills! which is what I am worried about).

  4. Based on what you have shared with us on here yo uhave definitely done enough training! You said it yourself…trust the training and YES you can do it! 🙂 I don’t know much about the Boston course. I should take a look at the course map online. Don’t are going to be GREAT!!

  5. Thanks Jodi! 🙂

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