Posted by: runsinthefamily | March 14, 2010

Pi Day & more daylight

After yesterday’s race ( report coming next) today was an easy 12 miles.  Funny how this really is an easy distance now…well, compared to 20!  My legs were a little tired from yesterday, but not really sore or stiff – just tired.   Losing an extra hour of sleep last night didn’t help either, although the extra daylight at night is nice.  The weather turned cold again- back to the 40s and rainy here today.

For the week ended today, I ran 53.77 miles!  Wow – I didn’t realize it was up that high, with only a 12 miler for a long run.  This coming week will be about the same, but with a 20 miler on Friday.  I’m thinking of just running easy by myself on Thursday, and helping to time at practice rather than doing the workout too.  I’ll see how it goes!

Boston is 5 weeks from tomorrow!


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