Posted by: runsinthefamily | March 4, 2010

Track starts Monday…

and I’m trying to figure out how to work the practices – running with the highschoolers – into my running schedule.  I am running more mileage this year than I did last year during track season, and I’m feeling good and want to keep it up!  But I have this feeling I will have to dip down a little, especially as I add in the harder ( read : speedier!) workouts.  I don’t have to run with them every day, but  I do have to be there – did I mention I am an “official” assistant now!  Yay!  I think a lot of days I can add more running in before they start, to get the right amount of mileage.  My trusty Garmin will come in handy – as long as I remember to keep it charged!  With all the treadmill running I’ve done this winter remembering to do this has been a hassle.  I am also a teensy bit worried about the transition from indoor to outdoor running, especially with the upcoming speed/track workouts, but I will just have to see how it goes.  I’m glad next week is slightly lower mileage – it will allow for some experimentation.  I also have a 5 mile race next Saturday, I will have to miss a track practice for that. 

Today I ran with the highschoolers  – the last day of winter training practices.  Last week we tried the Billat 30/30s that Girl in Motion had talked about on her blog, and both Coach E and I liked them so much we did them again today.  So a 10 minute warmup, then 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy – we had the majority of the runners doing 20 sets, ( so 20 minutes) a few of the boys did 24 sets, a few of the runners who had just started with us in anticipation of next week did 16 sets.  I think it works out great, especially for the ones who haven’t been running as much – the 30 second break is just enough to get your breath back, and the 30 second hard can be just as hard as you want it to be.  Then we ran a 10 minute cooldown – very easy!  With my Garmin, it turned out to be 4.75 miles for me ( I’m one of the slower ones, definitely) and I averaged 8:39 pace for the entire run – including warmup and cooldown.  I don’t even bother hitting the lap button during this workout – I probably should – and once again, I forgot to wear my heart monitor,  but looking at the Garmin graph the 30 seconds hard were all in the high 6’s, which makes me happy even if it’s just for 30 seconds! 

Tomorrow will be an easy 8 miles, then Saturday morning is my 20 miler.  Sunday will be a rest day, as I have to work and then drive DS#1 back to Pittsburgh – his spring break will be over.  Then Monday will be 300s on the track!



  1. Great job on the workouts. The Billat’s sound fun! I will have to try them sometime!!

  2. Connie- I have to comment on your blog because I can’t post a comment on mine from work for some reason. The answer to your question is that my long run on Sunday is 10 miles. So my week looks like this: today off Tuesday 3 Wednesday 7 Thursday 4 Friday cross train Saturday off (unless I decide to run the Malachi) and Sunday 10. Do you have any advice for me? It is very much appreciated!!

    • Hi Jodi, I guess I’ll reply both places! Sometimes I can’t post on blogs either, I’ve never been able to figure out why. It might be too soon for another race, although I’d love to meet you! I would wait and see how your legs feel after the 7 on Wednesday. I have a foam roller too, I’m not sure I really have the hang of it but it definitely feels better after I roll around on it! So try that each day and see how it feels.

  3. Thank you so much for the feedback Connie. I can definitely register later in the week. I wonder if nothing else I could use it as a training run and not treat it as a “race”. I did that back in October. I had run the Columbus 1/2 marathon on October 18th and I ran a 5K in Amherst on October 25th but I just ran it as a training run. I didn’t have any expectations for myself. Any further thoughts on that? I would love to meet you as well.

    • Hi Jodi! Yes, I definitely think you could use it as a training run if you are sure you won’t treat it as a race. See how you feel in the next couple days!

  4. […] than anything else.  We warmed up, stretched, and then started running Coach Q’s version of Billats – this time, we ran a speedy 200 meters, then “floated” a 100, which means our […]

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