Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 28, 2010

Goodbye February…7 weeks till Boston!

Whew!  Another week over.  This week had a lot of ups and downs – I started off feeling great, my training is going really well, and I was really excited that spring was just around the corner!  Then in true Northeast Ohio fashion we ended the week with lots of heavy, wet snow~ and I got sick.  Boo.  I went to bed super early on Thursday night – which I never do.  I mean really early.  So early my youngest had just gone to bed!  Luckily I have a super nice and understanding DH ( hi honey!) who took care of cleaning up and making sure DS #2 got his homework done, because we were sure, positively positive there would not be a snow day the next day.  Our school district never closes, is known for never closing, and, well, we just figured there was no way it would close!  So of course I get up the next morning, check the tv, way too many closings, come down to check the school district’s website, and lo and behold, the phone rings – it’s the district wide announcement of no school!  Yay!  Back to bed I go.

Unfortunately when we finally got up, I just didn’t feel right.  I still can’t say exactly what I had, I actually did go to try and run, but bagged the long run after 8.27 miles.  Just way too tired, exhausted really, and my stomach didn’t feel right.  I decided to take my regular day off on Saturday anyway, since I had to go to Pittsburgh to bring home  DS #1  for his spring break.  I thought I would try again today, but finally decided to stop at 12 miles – I’m feeling a lot better, but just didn’t want to push it and ruin this coming week’s 20 miler.  Hopefully that’s the smart decision.

So February ended with 198.3 miles for the month, ( 46.16 for the week), and 403.65 year-to-date.  I haven’t done as much speed work as I would like, although that will be remedied soon- outdoor track practice for the high school team officially starts next week.  I also need to get back to the hills at least once a week – I was doing them great at the beginning of the month, not so good the last couple weeks.  I know I will need them in Boston!



  1. I thought of you Friday morning when all of the schools closed (including mine and my daughters) and the fact that it was your long run day. Sorry to hear you were sick but glad you are feeling a little better. I experienced some exhaustion this week as well. I opted to take Friday and Saturday off instead of just Saturday and I went to bed at 9:30 last night (right after my kids did) and felt much better today. Keep up the great work. Great stats you have going there!!

  2. Thanks Jodi! I don’t know what I had, some virus I guess – my daughter felt the same way yesterday, but felt fine today. Hopefully that’s it and nobody else gets it!

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