Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 24, 2010

Wow! It’s been over a week…

since I last posted!  I’m still waiting for winter to be over ( the weekend gave us a taste of spring – temps in the upper 40s and nice and sunny!) but now it looks like it’s back to winter again.  I had a great running week last week – 52.3 miles, and my 20 miler on Friday went fantastic!  I had bought some Gatorade (lemonade flavor)  at the store, and used it for the 20 miles instead of water and Shotbloks this time.  I didn’t stop to drink any until 12 miles, and then again around 15, again around 18 – and I felt great.   I ran easily, and felt like if it was the marathon day, I would have had a PR!  I really don’t think I can attribute it all to the Gatorade, but it helped.  And it definitely helped my psyche.

Saturday was a trip to the high school indoor track meet – fun to watch, but I was on my feet alot and exhausted by the end.  Sunday was an easy day – outside, in the sunshine- ( sigh) – I can’t wait till spring.

This week the long run is 16 miles, and the mileage should be right around 50.  I’m still feeling pretty strong, but I’ve been staying up too late watching the Olympics – need to work on getting more sleep this week!  I also need to restart the hundredpushup challenge – again.  Aargh!  I think this is the 3rd time I’ve restarted – can’t seem to get past week 3 without getting sidetracked and forgetting it for a few days.  I’ve been slacking on my hip and core exercises too – I know I really need to keep doing those to keep the injuries away – and so many runners/bloggers that I read have been getting injured lately. ( knock on wood!)

Girl In Motion has a post tonight about Billats – 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy – as a speed workout – basically short repeats with very short recoveries.  It is supposed to keep your heart rate in the correct zone with less stress on your body.  She tried it – and posted her heart rate charts, comparing her heart rate to a 5×1000 workout from last fall.  It seems to work!  Very interesting – definitely worth checking out.


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