Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 24, 2010

almost forgot – new shoes!

Aren’t they pretty?  And very bright!  I’ve been wearing my old Lunarglides for far too long – I knew it was time to get new ones.  My old ones were white/gray with orange soles – which I thought were fairly bright at the time, but wow!  My family should have no problems spotting me at Boston.  The girls on the high school team love them – I wore them Saturday at the indoor meet, figuring it was a great chance to break them in.  I’ll wear them on my shorter runs for another week or two – then they will graduate to the long run.



  1. I love the shoes. I just broke out my new shoes yesterday. My old ones pretty much have zero tread left! Sounds like you had a great week last week. I watched Spirit of the Marathon last night and I thought of you since part of it was the Boston Marathon. Have you ever watched it? Happy training and have a great week!

  2. Same as mine! Love them. I’ve never gotten so many comments on a shoe in my life! Enjoy them!

  3. Jodi, yes, I’ve seen Spirit of the Marathon – but it’s been a while, I should watch it again! Have you ever seen St. Ralph? I think it’s my all time favorite – it’s an absolutely hysterical coming-of-age movie about a young boy who thinks if he wins the Boston marathon his mom will come out of a coma. Okay, that doesn’t sound so good, but you need to see it – it’s really funny, and inspiring.

    Marcia – yes! It’s amazing how many people saw them and commented on it! When I wore them at the track meet I felt like everyone was looking at my feet!

  4. I have not seen St. Ralph. I will certainly have to look into it. And in true Ohio weather form I see it is snowing the night before your long run again. 🙂

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