Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 13, 2010

Chili Bowl 5k

I woke up bright and early to white roads again!  Not very much snow, but just enough to make it a little slick.  I debated which shoes to wear, because my favorites ( Nike Lunarglide, which are getting old – need new ones soon!) are kind of slippery to run in  – but since they are perfect for racing, and really the best shoes for my heel problem, I decided to go for it.  After all, the streets downtown should be salted, right?  Well, except last year they weren’t!

I made it downtown just fine, and although there was a detour, found the parking garage.  I made my way up through Tower City to the Prospect Grille, where the packet pick up was.  After a quick stop at the bathroom, I headed back to the car to leave my stuff – and then back up to find a place to warm up.  I am not good about warming up before races, I know I should, I know I would race better!  But I’m always nervous about missing the start, ( don’t ask – I mean, I do have a watch on!) and it’s always just hard to run around and relax.  Today I made myself run around the block twice.  Good thing it was a long block!  I’m guessing it was about a mile, give or take.  Then back inside to stay warm and stretch a bit, and wait for the word to get to the starting line.

Lining up at the start – how to pick a good place?  I don’t want to be too far back, but I don’t want to be trampled either!  I almost always start out too fast, that adrenaline rush just gets me I guess.  So I picked some likely people ( they looked fast, but not super fast!) and the bell rang to start the race.

Okay, so once again, the streets were not very good.  Right off the bat I knew I would have to watch my footing.  There was a thin layer of fresh snow, and all these footprints over it making it slick!  My first mile flew by, even though I thought that I may have started too far back because it felt slow, the first mile split was 7:04.  I really have no idea how fast I am right now, marathon training isn’t really conducive to fast times!  and what little speed work I’ve done has really been either compromised by the weather or on a treadmill – so I was pleasantly surprised – mostly because I wasn’t already out of breath at this point!

Second mile was in and out of the wind, and included quite a few slick turns (there was one guy right in front of me who slipped on one turn and almost went down) and the turn around ( we just turned around a cone)  but the mile split was 14:43.

The third mile included winds and a hill – not a huge hill, but big enough to slow me down – plus more slick spots.  And the finish was uphill!  I tried to speed up, my “real” time ( as opposed to chip time) was near 23 minutes, and I wanted to make it under my time from last year.  Do you know how hard it is to try to finish strong when it is uphill?  I felt like I was barely moving.  And then I was done.

Chip time was 22:51!  So I beat last year’s time ( which really had similar conditions, but last year I was just back from a tweaked hamstring, and was happy to be in the 23’s.  I was 2nd in my brand new, squeaky clean age group!  ( but would have been first if I was still 44 – oh well, more competition is always good.)

Best of all, I don’t feel ruined for the day like I usually do!  Which means I probably could have pushed harder.  But given the slick conditions, I’m really happy.  Now, off to the grocery store!



  1. Congratulations on your finish! Sounds like it was a good race for you. Have a great week and happy training!

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