Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 6, 2010

Treadmill Twenties

Yes, I did it!  20 miles on the treadmill.   Luckily a good movie came on half way through- Remember the Titans – which got me through the last part of the run – because I was NOT having a good time.  Well, through 15 I was fine, but then the wheels starting coming off I guess, and I just gutted out the rest.  I don’t understand why I have such a hard time with the long runs – I dread them big time – and just always feel so drained afterwards – but I think I’m eating/drinking enough, so I’m not sure what’s going on.  Just have to get used to it I guess.

I do wonder if  I am fighting the virus that my youngest one had- because after I was done, after stretching and changing, I was talking to my parents and started to feel really lightheaded, like I was going to faint!  Or throw up.  Yuck.  I didn’t, but when I got home all I wanted to do was sleep.  We went to Chipotle for dinner, and I feel much better now.  Lots of food definitely helped.

Next week is a 5k race, so no long run, (well, just a 12 – that seems short now!)  but the week after I’ll attempt 20 again.   Will it be a treadmill 20?



  1. Great job! Remember the Titans is a great movie. I am sitting here having some coffee and eating a bagel contemplating if my 10 mile run that I plan to do at 11 AM will be on the treadmill or outside. It looks okay outside so I am hoping I can do that. To be honest, I dread the long runs as well but after I finish them I feel so accomplished! Good luck at the Chili Bowl 5K next weekend! Here’s some comic relief for you, my long run last Sunday was 12 miles!! Today is scale back to ten but next Sunday is 14 which will be the furthest I have ever run in training. My next race is the Mill Creek 1/2 Marathon on March 7th. I am scheduled to run 13 for my long run that Sunday so I figured why not run the 1/2. I also got back in touch with a teammate from high school who runs the exact pace as me and turns out she is training for the Cleveland Marathon as well so we will be running the Mill Creek 1/2 together. I haven’t seen her in about 15 years so it will be so great to run with her again! Have a great week and happy training!!

    • Jodi, thanks! So how did the 10 miler go today? It looks beautiful out right now, the sun is shining! And oh – I was contemplated doing the Mill Creek 1/2 – but can’t take that Sunday off unfortunately. It sounds great that you have someone to run with! You’ll have so much to talk about the time will go so fast!

  2. The 10 mile run went very well. Thank you for asking. I was getting ready to blog about it soon. I ran a 9:33 pace which I was impressed with since I was dodging snow drifts on my left (Avon doesn’t plow wide enough) and cars on my right. Said cars didn’t seem to want to move over even though there was nobody else in the other lane. My fingers did go numb though…it was painful. I wear underarmour fleece gloves but they didn’t seem to work today. Do you have any suggestions? Too bad you can do Mill Creek. It would have been really cool to meet you. I am sure our paths will crosse eventually. Yes, I am very excited to have someone to run with. I think it will be fun!!

  3. Good luck at the Chili Bowl 5K tomorrow! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

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