Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 4, 2010

a perfect storm….and a wish

Well, not exactly – but one sick child at home plus a winter storm coming – hmm- when am I going to do my long run this week?  I’m hoping she will feel good enough to go to school tomorrow – and it now looks like we may only get the edge of the storm, so only 2-4 inches of snow?  and it may not start till tomorrow night?  I’m so ready for this winter to be over!  And it’s only the beginning of February – here in Northeast Ohio we usually still get a lot of snow in March!  Ugh.    How are you all coping?

Girl-in-motion has a great question on her Facebook page – If you had one wish for your running, what would it be? Faster PRs,  racing more often, finally doing that ultra?   My answer right now would be for winter to be  over!  I think with proper training the faster PRs will come again  – so my other wish would be for injury-free running, because then everything else will take care of itself!  How about you?  What would you wish for?



  1. Were you able to get your long run in today? The snow seemed to hold off until late afternoon (at least here in Avon that was the case). I too want winter to be over!!

    • No, I wasn’t! She still had a fever this morning, so I kept her home. I’ll see how it is outside in the morning, but it might be a treadmill run again! How is your running going?

  2. Poor little one. Hope she is feeling better soon! I am guessing it was a treadmill run for you this morning? We got a lot of snow here. I did the “Tackle the Tower” Stairclimb today and it was HARD, so completely different than running on the roads. I managed to finish the climb (37 flights-approximately 1 mile) in 7:35 so not too bad. My lungs are still burning and I have the “runner’s cough” time ten but it was a great workout. I can really feel it. The running is going well. I had a few great training runs this week. Tomorrow is a 10 miler. I am hoping I can run outside but I will have to wait and see. I got injured last year running on the ice so I am extra cautious these days. How’s yours going?

    • Yes, I did it on the treadmill! It went okay, at least it’s done! It sounds like you did an AWESOME job at Tackle the Tower! 7:35 for all those stairs is a great time!

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