Posted by: runsinthefamily | February 1, 2010

Weekly Rundown

Winter reared its ugly head again at the end of last week, so I ended up with more treadmill running.  I managed to get in ~45.5 miles for the week, but cut short my long run – well, I decided to switch weekends.  I had wanted to run 20 on Friday, but could only manage 15 on the treadmill, even with the ipod and tv!  But that’s okay – I still have a long time till Boston, and since this week’s long run was suppposed to be 15, I decided to switch – so this week will now be 20.  Here’s hoping for better weather on Friday!  The forecast right now says 30°, if only that will hold.  Otherwise to the treadmill I go. 

I did discover the good thing about treadmill running is that it is ALOT easier on my legs than running outside – much less pounding.  Saturday I felt like I hadn’t even run the day before!  I almost decided to switch my SRD, but kept it at Saturday, and ran an easy 6 on Sunday – and I felt great.  I had to keep holding myself back from going faster!  THAT is the way I like to feel~  when everything just clicks, and you feel like you could go on forever.  I haven’t felt that good in a couple week s- I think the higher- than -I’m- used -to mileage was getting to me, but now I feel back on track, which is a good thing since this week  is scheduled to be about 51 miles. 

Oh – more product reviews!  Well, I tried the other scent/flavor? of Endurasoak – Lemongrass and Lavender – this one is the BOMB!  It smelled truly, really amazing.  IF you want to try Endurasoak, I recommend trying this scent first – I mean really, just the smell alone is worth it.  I felt so relaxed and pampered – like a day at the spa.   I didn’t try it right after running, didn’t have the time, but used it later that night – and discovered I really liked using it that way – I had more time to relax, and it helped my muscles feel oh-so-good before going to bed.   My whole upstairs smelled heavenly for the next couple of days!

Other news – the Duquesne Men’s Swim team continues to hope to meet with the athletic director and present proposals for keeping the team.  Letters continue to be written, emails sent – hopefully something will work out.  Here’s a post in another blog that describes the feelings so much better than I can:    And if you are on Facebook, please join our group SAVE DUQUESNE MEN’S SWIMMING !  We have over 5100 member right now!

Oh – and I got in 10 miles today, to begin the 51 mile week – tomorrow should be only 4-5 with the high schoolers, Wednesday is planned for 8, Thursday 4-5, and then Friday that 20 miler!  Wish me luck!  And send me tips for what you do to keep yourself going if you do any treadmill running!



  1. I have run on the treadmill and I try and find a really good show (movie) on TV or I put in one of the movies we own. I also don’t put the screen display on mileage, I just leave it on pace and force myself not to check until a certain part of the show or movie (for example..I won’t look at the distance until there have been three commercials during this show). When I am running shorter distances on the treadmill I always end up doing intervals to make the time go faster. Not sure if that is a good or bad idea but it works for me. Awesome job on the workouts last week. You will do great this week. I will be joining the facebook group later tonight. Many of my friends are/were swimmers in college and it needs to continue at your son’s school!!

  2. Thanks Jodi! Have a great week!

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