Posted by: runsinthefamily | January 28, 2010

Update and an Appeal

Week 12 of Boston training has been going just fine – well, until today when it turned super cold again!  And gusty winds – so much fun.  Today will be the run with the high school team – and because of some new snow, probably not super fast today.

Most of what has been occupying my spare time this week is the announcement by my oldest son’s college, Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, that after this school year, four men’s teams will be cut – Men’s Swimming ( my son’s team), Wrestling, Baseball and Men’s Golf.  The reason given is the university wants to use the resources these cuts will provide to make the remaining teams more competitive, although there seems to be some discrepancies about that.  Unfortunately none of the teams are being given a chance to even make their case for remaining.  The swim team has created a Facebook page, as well as a site for donations, and we parents are furiously writing letters and trying to garner support from everyone we can think of.  So, if you are so inclined, check out the page, and, if you have any ideas or know of any other programs this happened to, please let us know.  At one point the coach was told that if $2 million could be raised as an endowment, the university would keep the men’s swimming program.  ( it is worth noting that the women’s swimming program is continuing, but the women are up in arms about losing the men’s team also.)   No one at the university is currently talking to anyone to explain their position, which makes this all the more frustrating for everyone involved.

I’ll write more on this later – I have some thoughts as a beneficiary of Title IX years ago, and how the spirit of that legislation is being corrupted now.  But for now, off into the cold I go!



  1. Sorry to hear about the proposed cuts. Sad and frustrating at once. Hopefully something can be done. Super cold here too. Frankly I’m getting tired of it!

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