Posted by: runsinthefamily | January 25, 2010

Boston training, week 13

This ended up being a crazy week – and it was supposed to be an easy “step back” week, so when the opportunity came to take it easy, I did.  Monday I ran 10 on the treadmill, nice and easy.  I was still feeling tired from the 18 miler, but really, much better than I expected!  Tuesday’s run was with the high school team – there wasn’t many of them, it was the end of finals – but we ran fast!  My legs weren’t quite up to it yet – so I was really lagging behind.  I still managed to have most of the mile splits under 8 min/mile.  Wednesday  I ran outside – but nice and easy again, 7.62 miles.  Then Thursday.  I really thought the mileage would only be around 5.5 miles – another high school team run – but when we were done, by Garmin said just over 7 miles!  We ran to the local sledding hill, and ran up and down ( on the driveway next to it ) for 2 sets of 6 min each ( 1st set more like “bounding” strides, 2nd set quick steps) and then ran home – but included 4 accelerations of one minute.  It was hysterical – we would be running together, Coach would count down and then say “go” – and they would take off.  Even though I was accelerating too I felt like I was in slow mo compared to them!

Friday I had a 12 miler planned.  But the whole week had been stressful with other things going on non running related, and I didn’t sleep well Thursday night, so when I started running I was just not feeling it.  So I stopped at 5.5 miles, and decided to try again Sunday, as Saturday was going to be a SDO anyway.

Saturday – we left early for my oldest son’s college swim meet – he is a senior, and the seniors were being honored at the last home meet of the season.  There was a little ceremony before the meet started for the parents and the seniors, and we all had our pictures taken.  The meet was fun – although we forgot how hot it can be at indoor swim meets!  After a dinner out we headed home.

Sunday was once again a day where I just wasn’t feeling it, after working in the morning and getting home late the night before – but the weather had really warmed up ( it was around 47°!!!!) so even though it was rainy, I managed to get out for 6 miles.  I ended the week with almost 42 miles, which is okay for a step back week – the week I had planned might have been a little too much anyway.  Now this week I have a 20 miler on either Friday or Saturday 🙂

What do you do if you miss a long run?  Do you just go ahead to the next week in your program, or do you try to make it up?

Edited to add:  just heard from my son the Men’s Swimming program at his college, Duquesne University, is being cut after this year.  Unless they can raise 2 million dollars to endow the program.  Unfortunately it also sounds like 3 other sports are being cut – he doesn’t know which ones yet, he is finding out more tonight at an athletic department meeting.



  1. I have always just gone on to the next week when I have missed a long run. Now keep in my this was during half marathon training so my long runs were between 8-10 miles. Sounds like you had a great week even with the altered workout schedule. I did my long run yesterday and it was pouring but like you said it was 47 degrees! By mile 9 I was drenched so I just had fun running through the puddles at that point. Eleven miles in the pouring rain…and it was…dare I say it…FUN!!! 🙂

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