Posted by: runsinthefamily | January 16, 2010

First really long run, done!

Yay!  One 18 miler in the books.  I dread long runs, I don’t know why – but I just never look forward to them and I’m always nervous the day before.  So all day Thursday I watched the weather forecast ( and honestly, don’t most of you?  All the runners I know are sooo tied to the weather).  Would it rain?  Would it be miserable?  Should I just plan to run on the treadmill again?  ( which by then was starting to sound really good – I would have a bathroom right there and could put my water bottle within reach.)

But by 4pm Thursday when I met Coach and the high schoolers for their run I realized the snow was melting A LOT.  Thursday’s run went well – Coach actually had us run to the local sledding hill and run up the driveway – so hills, two days in a row – but I felt good and didn’t push it too much.   So a total of 5.5 easy miles, with about 10 minutes of hills in the middle.   I didn’t get to bed super early – DS#2 had his first high school finals on Friday, and he was a bit nervous – but still a good night’s sleep.

Woke up Friday, checked the weather, drove DS#2 to school for his first final.  Checked the windshield – okay, it’s kind of misting – but really fairly warm for the morning!  So had a PB and honey sandwich, got my running stuff on, grabbed a pack of ShotBloks, put on my Garmin, ( forgot the heart rate monitor though, grrr) and off I went.  The sidewalks were still pretty snowy/icy, so I stayed on the road as much as I could.   I really like running on the sidewalks better when I can, although they are mostly slate or concrete and the pounding isn’t great, but they are more level than the side of the road, and that helps me tremendously.  I was so glad to be outside, it didn’t really bother me as much!  I stopped at a library around 10 miles to get water and take the Shotbloks (Cran Razz flavor – very tasty) and then kept going.  The weather was perfect – it was misty, but so lightly I never felt wet – and the temp. was about 38°, which felt perfect.

I didn’t run super fast, I like to take my long runs at an easy pace, and I know there were places where it was icy and I had to stop and go around, so I averaged a 9:50 pace – I would have liked a tiny bit faster, but I’ll take it.  As I got closer to home I realized I was STARVING!  I guess one pack of the Shotbloks may not have been enough – or I should have eaten more before I started.  I was also feeling dehydrated –  I def. didn’t drink enough at the stop at the library.  In warmer weather I would have stashed a water bottle somewhere, but I didn’t think about it this time.  Lessons for next time I guess.

After I stretched and ate and rested, I decided to try this new product, Endurasoak!

This is a “muscle recovery soak  in which to submerge your tired body after a strenuous workout — or to promote healing for those recovering from injury. Each package contains a blend of mineral-rich salts and therapeutic essential oils designed to speed recovery.”  (From the package and their website).  Basically, you can use it instead of an ice bath, which sounded really good to me since it is winter right now!  The package said to dissolve 1 cup of the mineral salts in body temperature bath water.  I picked the Rosemary and Peppermint scent and wow!  It smelled fantastic!  It also made my skin feel tingly all over.  The bath was very relaxing, and the scent was quite a pick-me-up  – an unusual combination.  I soaked for about 15 minutes, and then got out.  I think I felt tingly for at least an hour afterwards, maybe more.  My muscles also felt very relaxed and soothed – and usually after a long run, especially outside, they are tense and tired, so this was a nice change.

I figured the real test would be how my legs felt today – and they really felt pretty good considering all the pounding they took yesterday.  My legs are still tired – and they would be anyway, but I’m not sore at all.  So hopefully the bath salts helped – they certainly helped my state of mind!  The other scent is Lavender and Lemongrass, which I will have to try after my next long run.

Now today was a busy day – we had an indoor track meet for DS#2, and DD#1 had to be taken to the airport for her flight back to college.  Did I mention before she goes to college in Boston?  More on that another day.  Plus DS#1 and his swim team were in town for a swim meet at CSU.  He goes to college in Pittsburgh, and swims on his college team.  So  I headed to the airport and then the track meet, and DH took youngest DD to see her older brother swim downtown.

DS#2 did very well!  He had a new PR in the 1600, 5:06, and then came back and ran a 11:14 3200.  Pretty good for a ninth grader, and great considering they haven’t done any speedwork this winter.  The field house where the track meet was held was awesome – a 300 meter track! It is always fun to watch the kids run, so it was a great way to spend a SRD (scheduled rest day.)



  1. Sounds like I need to look into that product you suggested. Glad you enjoyed the long distance run. I am visiting family in PA this weekend so I was able to get outside for my distance run today as well. It was nice to be out there. I will be blogging about it soon.

  2. Great! I saw your post and replied on your blog. Have a great week training! I’m going to try the other scent of Endurosoak today – I’ll post later about how it is!

  3. I saw your reply. Thank you so much for the advice. Where did you purchase the Endurosoak? Can’t wait to hear your product report later.

    • Jodi, right now it’s online – I think she is trying to get it into local running stores. I ended up being too busy yesterday and didn’t have time to try the other scent – hopefully sometime this week! If you click the Endurosoak on the blog it takes you to the website – or it is

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