Posted by: runsinthefamily | January 9, 2010

Marathon training

Well, both today’s run (13 miles) and yesterday’s run (an easy 6) were on the treadmill again.  I wish I had tried to run outside today though – when I finished and went outside, it was so bright!  After morning snow the day turned into bright blue skies and SUN!  ( we haven’t seen it around here in at least a week and a half.) 

Finished my second week of my marathon plan – with a 13 miler today.  Last week’s long run was 15, and after I felt great – but today, right from the start, I felt tired.  It was my second week of 45+ miles, ( after being at 40 miles for a while) – I really didn’t think it was that much of a jump, but maybe it was.  I didn’t get as much sleep this week either – too many late nights, so that will be something I def. need to work on for the upcoming months.  Tomorrow is a SRD, a Scheduled Rest Day, which I’m sure will help.

The training plan I am using for the Boston Marathon is based on Bob Glover’s 16 week Competitor’s and Advanced Competitor’s training schedule in his book, The Competitive Runner’s Handbook.  I modified it a bit – mostly to make sure there was a midweek longish run, and to keep Tuesday’s and Thursday’s run a little shorter for now – those are the days I run with the highschool distance team.  Wednesday’s are speed or hill days.  I love the way he adds in races every other week starting in week 8- until I wrote it in my calendar, and realized it doesn’t quite mesh with the races available around here!  So I’m still deciding how to work those in, and not sacrifice the long run.  The plan has you going longer every other week from week 8~ with races of a half-marathon, a 5k, another half-marathon, and then a 10k leading into the taper.  Unfortunately there is only 1 half-marathon that fits, and no 10ks – there is a 5mile race, the week after the half ~  and then lots of 5ks. 

Have a great weekend everyone- happy running!  DS#2 is wearing his screw shoes on the trails tomorrow with some of the team – we’ll see how it goes!


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